Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments?

​​​If you, or a person you look after, are assessed by NYCC as needing support, then you have a right to ask to receive this support as a "Direct Payment".

Who can get a Direct Payment and how do I apply for them?

​​You have to have an ""Assessment of Needs" to receive a Direct Payment.  If you already have a social worker then you can ask them if you qualify and if you can apply.  You will probably have a support plan already in place so you may be able to change some of the support you get to a Direct Payment.  If you do not have a social worker and are not know to Social Services then you need to arrange for an "assesment of needs". From this they may find that you need some specialist equipment to help you and you will get support from an occupational therapist or you may need some extra help to get out of bed or help with meals or to get you out and about within the community and joining in activities.  This is where Direct Payments can help.  You can apply for an assessment online at or call them on 0845 034 9410 or email on
Have a look at our help sheets and find more information on applying for Direct Payments on the help sheet marked "Applying for Direct Payments"

Every Local council must now offer help to people who need help to stay in their own home money to buy services or equipment, instead of arranging services for them. They will enable you to choose how you organise the help you need in a flexible way. In November 2009 all local councils began to offer Direct Payments to people who lack mental capacity this is arranged through an agent or family member acting on the disabled persons behalf.    

Direct Payments allow you to take control and make choices over the services you may use to meet your own individual needs. If you receive Direct Payments it gives you the chance to decide how your needs are met and by whom, and what days and hours you require the help……You are in control.       

NYCC and NYCIL work together to ensure that disabled people who decide to recruit their own staff are supported every step of the way.  We support you by helping you to advertise for staff, interviewing, references and DBS checks and all the paperwork to ensure you recruit safely.  It is however your choice and you are in control at every stage.  We also provide a payroll service to make paying your staff as easy as possible.     

To find out if you are eligible to receive Direct Payments please call NYCC on 08450349410 or email:

The Direct Payments Scheme

Since April 2003, North Yorkshire County Council has offered this scheme to eligible clients. The allowance in which they get can buy services, equipment or employ their own staff to support them in everyday life and contribute towards independence. Direct Payments are intended to empower service users by allowing them to take control and make choices over the services they use to meet their own individual needs; or in some cases for someone else, to meet their social care needs, this is an alternative to the council arranging the services for them. Direct payments are not seen as an income and have no effect upon tax or benefits. Direct payments are an important way of ensuring that more people can continue to live independently in their own homes. Giving you money instead of services will give you greater control over your life, because you make the decisions about how your care is provided.

Why should I choose Direct Payments?    

Who can help me achieve this?      

What do I have to do to receive Direct Payments?     

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